Meantime Pilsner


  • £100 + Vat
  • 4.4% ABV
  • 30 Litre/52 pints


Meantime Pilsner

This Meantime Pilsner Keg is a  german style beer. Boasting a Crisp yet dry flavour therefore with a bitter finishing taste. Meantime Pilsner Keg is a great taste of German tradition. We’ve ruthlessly selected only the finest Pilsner malts and German hops to create this pale, straw-coloured brew, which is deeply refreshing with slightly spicy, piney aromas.

Meantime have picked the finest malts of Pilsner to be mixed with hops of Germany to magic up a straw coloured pale gold beer. It is very refreshing with a piney and spicy finish. In conclusion, Meantime Pilsner has an abv of 4.4%. Most noteworthy, this is compatible with our Party Pumps and Draught Beer Chiller.

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