London Pride Deal


  • £193.99 + VAT – Savings of £13 plus VAT
  • 4.1% ABV
  • 9 Gallon Cask/72 Pints


World Cup London Pride Deal

Our London Pride Cask and Dispenser Deal consists of a 9 Gallon/72 Pint Cask of London Pride and our portable Ale Hand Pump dispenser.

If you are looking for the real taste of London on draught in your own home then look no further than our London Pride Keg Hire. The traditional cask conditioned ale has been brewed next to the famous River Thames since the 1950s. It is an integral part of the capitals history. London Pride has won several awards with some of the most notable including ‘Champion Beer of Britain’, ‘Champion Best Bitter’ and ‘Supreme Champion’. This beer is perfect if you’re supporting London in the World Cup.

With London Pride Keg Hire you will be receiving a premium London ale which pours a rather glorious barley colour. London Pride is renowned for its balance between its malt and its hops providing a well rounded, slightly fruity flavour. London Pride is brewed by Fullers, a well established UK brewer who believes in only producing the best ales and bitters.

Our London Pride Keg Hire consists of a 9 gallon cask of London Pride as well as our easy to use ale hand pump. The traditional styling of the pump ensures that our dispensing equipment will fit in with any venues theme or decor. The ale hand pump simply inserts into the cask once it has settled for 24 hours to allow the yeast to sink and then clamps onto any surface or bar counter.