Brewdog Elvis Juice



  •  £159 + Vat
  • 6.5% ABV
  • 30 Litres/52 Pints


Brewdog Elvis Juice Keg

Be the king of the party scene with Brewdog Elvis Juice Keg and you will have a swinging time at any night in or event.

This American style IPA with a caramel malt base is infused with intense flavours of grapefruit accompanied by aromas of grapefruit (of course), pine and citrus.

Deep orange in colour with a thin white head. This fresh sweet and sour companionship causes your taste buds to open to a new and exciting combination.  

If you like your IPA’s fruit heavy, then Brewdog Elvis Juice Keg is defiantly the keg for you. This America IPA will push the boundaries of your tolerance to citrus flavours over the edge and then back again

Jam packed with flavour from the first zesty sip to the very last fruity slurp leaving you gasping for more so don’t let your event or party run short order from us and we will give you what you need to keep the party flowing from the moment it starts till the moment you want it to end (if you want it to end that is)

So, if you want to be the king of any event/get together then hire some Elvis Juice Kegs from us.

Want to enjoy a chilled beer but don’t want to go down to the pub and spend a small fortune or the fridge just isn’t cold enough for you, you can also hire our Draught Beer Chiller to give your pint the perfect chill any time of day or night.

If our Elvis Juice Keg Hire interests you or if you would like more information, please feel free to get in touch and we would be more than glad to help you out!