Becks Deal

  • £185.25 + VAT – Savings of £24 plus VAT
  • 4% ABV
  • 11 Gallons/88 Pints


Oktoberfest Becks Deal

Our Becks Deal consists of an 11 Gallon/88 Pint keg of Becks and our portable Draught Beer Chiller.

The Becks brewery was formed in 1873 by Luder Rutenberg, Heinrich Beck and Thomas May. It now produces the world’s best selling German Beer and is the fifth most popular brewery in Germany. Originally formed under the name “Kaiserbrauerei Beck & May o.H.G.”, the brewery was owned by local families up until early 2002, where it was brought by Interbrew for 1.8 billion Euros.

The popularity of this great German beer throughout the world and in the UK is a sure sign that it’s something worth stocking, and so we provide our customers with Beck’s Vier – a lower ABV version of their world-favourite lager.

Why not be part of the beer festival with one of our Beck Kegs? Available in 11 Gallons (88 pints) kegs, don’t miss out this Oktoberfest and stock up and get the party started and in full swing.

Our Becks Keg Hire barrels are 11 gallons and hold 88 pints of beer. This is the perfect amount for a gathering of friends at home whilst hosting an Oktoberfest themed event! Our Becks Keg Hire is the convenient, low priced alternative to stocking up on bottles of beer. In addition to taking up a huge amount of room in the fridge, they are often damaged by sunlight during transportation and have a less crisp taste on the palate. For that true Oktoberfest experience you have to go draught!

Don’t want warm beer? Who would? Our Draught Beer Chillers ensure beer chilled to perfection. And that’s not the best part, you and your mates can pull their own pints! No more running around serving your guests and missing out on the festivities, join them the whole time and let the beer chiller do all the hard work for you. No matter the location, this Draught Beer Chiller lets you and your guests pull a perfect pint each and every time. Just plug it in, attach your keg and get pulling those pints. Even if you take the party elsewhere, just unplug the beer chiller, take it wherever you are going (so long as there is an electrical outlet/plug socket), plug it back in and start the party up again in just a few minutes.

If our Beck’s Vier Party Keg Hire service interests you, please feel free to get in touch and we would be glad to help you out.